Class Blog Nomination

The Student Blogging Challenge says to nominate one more blog, which is a class blog! I have nominated Mr. Millers’ class blog. His class looks really interested in music, books, movies, and history! I really liked the post about Alice in Wonderland; it was really interesting, like the movie. Writing about music seems really exciting. Who doesn’t like music? I really love music, it’s the best thing ever invented! Some people don’t like reading, well guess what? I do! Reading their blog makes me feel like everyone in the world loves reading, even though some people don’t. World History can teach us a lot of things. Mr. Millers’ class seem to like social studies. They make social studies sound fun and exciting! Maybe those people who think social studies is boring can read some of Mr. Millers’ blog post and get interested. Well, I hope that one class that is nominated in this nomination will win, even if you lose, you are still a winner. Good luck to everyone that gets nominated! :]