Summer Vacation!!! (June 24 – August 31)

Summer is just around the corner on June 24! I don’t know if I want to cry or start getting excited. Losing friends for a whole two months or more is pretty hard. I really want to stay in touch with my friends and teachers during the summer but who knows, I might go on vacation. I’m pretty sure this is the best year of my life! Not just because it was a new school and new teachers, but because I got to make more friends and I really enjoyed Bangal Bowl! I also LOVED all the field trips I’ve been to. I know I’m going to miss Miss Nichols, Miss Straus, and Mr. Navarro. They’ve been such great teachers for the year and I know they would miss me too, even though I’m very quiet.

I’m looking forward to my grandparents coming from Philippines and in July, I will be going to visit my cousins in Korea. The thing I probably won’t forget while I’m on vacation is Bangal Bowl and starting this blog. Bangal Bowl was awesome and this blog brings back a lot of memories because of the writing. Later on, looking back at these, I know that I’m going to cry. Goodbye Jane Addams for now. We can’t wait until next year! :]

Korean Bands on the Radio?

Have you ever heard of some Korean bands? Well, Big Bang, 2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, SS501, Wonder Girls, and Epik High come to America but they’re usually unknown. Most people that come to their concerts are Asian. These bands should be on the radio, even though people can’t understand their songs.

These bands can teach you new languages. If you find some of their songs on Youtube, you can find English subtitles. When you see them, it may look like they don’t have correct grammar but all you have to do is put it in place where it sounds right. You could also play the English version with the Korean lyrics, where they use correct grammar. You can also try a translation machine.

You can see how these Korean bands influence each other. You can also see different cultures and learn how they change the way people act or dress today. Big Bang , 2NE1, Super Junior, SHINee, SS501, Wonder Girls, and Epik High are famous in all of Asia, and in parts of Mexico, but don’t forget America and Canada! Big Bang influenced a Chinese band called OkBang.As you see, they named their band after them. Big Bang brought back old fashion, such as Nikes. One of their band members, G-Dragon, has gotten people to wear scarves, even in the summer!  2NE1 are known was the female version of Big Bang.

These bands can make friends with American singers and also each other. This will help their career. As you guys know, Flo Rida’s concert in Korea was featuring G-Dragon. Of course, they became friends. Flo Rida sang part of G-Dragon’s song, Heartbreaker. The Wonder Girls went on tour with The Jonas Brothers just a couple of years ago. Their fans enjoyed all of their songs, especially Nobody. Some say Big Bang became friends with The Black Eyed Peas. SHINee and Super Junior became friends with Epik High. 2NE1 are best friends with Big Bang since Park Bom, their lead singer, has been in some of their videos. They can all make each other famous if they give out shout-outs in their concerts. It makes their music a lot wonderful.

Korean bands will help you a lot while growing up. They truly have the right for their music to be on the radio. It gets really catchy from time to time. Go get some of their CDs or go on the internet and see how catchy their songs are. If you know you love them put it on the radio or make another station just for them to be honored.

Class Blog Nomination

The Student Blogging Challenge says to nominate one more blog, which is a class blog! I have nominated Mr. Millers’ class blog. His class looks really interested in music, books, movies, and history! I really liked the post about Alice in Wonderland; it was really interesting, like the movie. Writing about music seems really exciting. Who doesn’t like music? I really love music, it’s the best thing ever invented! Some people don’t like reading, well guess what? I do! Reading their blog makes me feel like everyone in the world loves reading, even though some people don’t. World History can teach us a lot of things. Mr. Millers’ class seem to like social studies. They make social studies sound fun and exciting! Maybe those people who think social studies is boring can read some of Mr. Millers’ blog post and get interested. Well, I hope that one class that is nominated in this nomination will win, even if you lose, you are still a winner. Good luck to everyone that gets nominated! :]

Student Blog Out of Our Class Nomination

Now, I am nominating a student blog from someone outside of my blog for the Student Blogging Challenge. I would like to nominate a boy named Victor. Click here to see his blog. I believe this blog is outstanding! I really liked his post about Alexander the Great. I was so drawn into it. After reading it, I’m sure I would like to read some more of his post. They really seem so interesting. I’m sure you guys would like it to. Good luck to the other people that were nominated!

Student Blog in our Class Nomination

Well, the time has come to nominate our favorite student blog. In the Student Blogging Challenge, we are to nominate our favorite student blog in our class. I have chosen AnnaMaria’s blog. Click here to see it. She has done an amazing job. I love her poem about books. She is right about reading, I can tell that reading that poem blew my mind. I also liked her puzzle at the sidebar. It looked fun to play around with. I really hope she wins. Good luck to everyone out there being nominated. :]


Spring break is coming up, April 5-9, and I will have a busy week! As you know, Easter is this Sunday, and I will be going to my cousin’s party to go egg hunting! On Monday, I have nothing to do but I talk to my friends on the computer sometimes. On Tuesday, my parents are taking me to another party to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I’m sure it would be a lot of fun, I’ve been to many of her parties and I enjoyed it. On Wednesday, I think I would probably finish my book that I got from the city library. On Thursday, I’m going to Kevin’s house to play with Lili and him. On Friday, I will be celebrating my mother and cousin’s birthday. My mother’s birthday is on Easter, but my cousin’s birthday is on April Fool’s Day. She’s lucky she won’t get prank! On the weekend, I think I would just rest from the party week. I didn’t really get to spend time with my friends like always, but maybe on the weekend I could. Happy Spring Break and have fun with a week of no school! What will you guys do?

I think I know what you guys should do, check out our Hebrew Comics! Click here to access them!

Past, Present, Future by Brittany

Dear Thomas Edison,

Since you invented electricity, you could reduce the use of it. A lot of energy is wasted every time electricity is used. Because of the wasted energy, global warming occurs. Maybe you can show us other things to do. You can how us how life was still great without electricity. You can also show us other ways to use electricity. If you help me help the world, we could make a difference, even if we do one small thing.

Now that a lot of people use a lot of electricity they are wasting energy. Sometimes if you overheat something, it could start a fire. The fire turns into smoke and pollutes the air. I’ve heard that you discovered electricity by not making, but improving a 50-year-old light bulb. You could tell us how life was still great without electricity. You can also compare and contrast about the life in the past and in the present about electricity. You may not invent the light bulb but you invented the light switch. You can show us how electricity could be helpful and unhelpful.

What did you do for fun and games before inventing electricity? You could show us the games that you played and we can use it instead of watching T.V. or playing the computer. You could also tell us the good and bad things of electricity. Electricity could take up your time being lazy instead of being active. When you had electricity, what happened? What went wrong with electricity? The problems you had probably could happen to us now. If one thing goes wrong it could tear everything apart.

Since you invented electricity by a light bulb not outlets, is there any other way to use electricity to use electricity?  I think that we could use electricity by finding out how the motion telegraph works, one of your inventions, and use that to show us other ways.

You should help us find other ways to save energy since you invented electricity by improving a light bulb. You can also help us save the earth and money. If you do this, there might be a way to stop global warming.



Everyday Heros Responses by Brittany

Rod Slappy Response

I have many adults in my life, but only one made me felt like I was special, Mr. John. I met Mr. John in second grade in summer RAP. He was always there for me when I needed help. I know I can count on him and he can count on me. Last year during the RAP talent show, I told him that I did poetry, and then he said, “That’s cool. Can I put you in the RAP talent show?” I knew that I had to say yes because he was encouraging me to follow my dreams. Mr. John is very unique. I know I won’t forget about him and he can’t forget about me.

Kala White Response

I have a friend named Grace who has been there for me since I met her. I remember the other day I was talking to her and I told her I lost my friend’s homework when I was holding it for her when she went to her dad’s house to get something. Grace advised I tell her the truth, so when she came back I told her everything and it turns out that my friend took it with her. When I was sick with a fever, I called Grace over so she could help me. My parents weren’t home and Grace was a big help.  She cooked me food, organized my room, and showed how much she cared. When I came home from school one day, I was getting teased but a good thing Grace was walking with me. She stood up for me and showed those kids that there was nothing wrong with me. I have many friends like Grace, but she is always with me when I need her.

Oscar De La Torre

I met a girl named Kylie, who once helped her friend Emily in one of her problems. The popular girls, Tammy, Sara, and Jenny had told Emily that she would get beat up on Friday afternoon. Emily told Kylie everything, and the next day Kylie told her uncle, who was the school principal. On that Friday afternoon, the principal and Kylie were with Emily the whole time. While they were hiding behind a tree, Emily was facing Tammy, Sara, and Jenny “alone”. After Tammy brought out a baseball bat, Kylie and her uncle came out. Tammy got expelled while Sara and Jenny got suspended. If Kylie were never Emily’s friend, she would have got beaten up.

Welcome To My Blog

Hello, my name is Brittany and this is like my first blog. You guys can see some of my writing work on this page like memoirs, narrative, etc. I’m interested in poetry that express my feelings; I’m a kind of girl who loves to show my feelings in a way that not a lot of people do. I’m also a girl who loves to move to the beat of a song, mostly RnB. My favorite song is I Wanted You by Ina. I think Ina is a genius! I’m also interested in Trance and Techno. I also love songs by Yiruma like Maybe, Rivers Flows In You, and Kiss The Rain. They’re all piano songs, no lyrics. I play piano and guitar. I would learn songs and get the notes from the internet. I am Filipino but I don’t speak Tagalog. My brother use to show my finger light shows and I thought they were amazing! I love to listen to music because they also express me like poetry. I remember when I was little, my older sister use to show me anime. Then after a few years I got more interested and my sister showed me MapleStory. It’s an animated game where you can just have fun with your friends. In school, it looks like I’m not interested in anime but I’m just focused on learning. I love school. Not a lot of people do but I think learning is fun and it can help you in life. School is a fun place for me even if I have to wake up early. I can be with my friends and after school I would go to the park sometimes to think about my day. Things I do in school can show up on this blog like for writing or social studies.

Things I’m interested in:

  • Poetry
  • RnB
  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Art 
  • Horror Books
  • Mystery Books
  • Trance
  • Techno
  • School
  • Anime
  • MapleStory
  • Yiruma
  • Ina
  • Piano
  • Guitar

Well, you may not be interested in what I’m interested in, but life is full of giving chances, so why won’t you try giving the things I’m interested a chance.

Thank you, have fun on my blog.